Finding Cheap Changing Bags Online – A Buyer’s Guide

Changing bags are not exactly new in the baby apparel scene, but it has evolved immensely over the years. From being a completely utilitarian bag to something that is now considered an accessory, the changing bag has become a coveted fashion item for parents and child caregivers. One does not have to spend a lot of money to get one of these though, as there are cheap changing bags that are still as stylish and functional as expensive ones.

Here are a few reviews of affordable changing bags that are functional as well as fashion forward.

Change Bag Boutique Website

Visit the Change Bag Boutique website for a wide range of baby changing bags

Dash Deluxe Onyx changing bags (from Skip Hop)

For parents that prefer to have everything on hand at all times when going out with their baby, the Dash Deluxe Onyx provides a clever solution that does not compromise in fashion sense. Perhaps its most defining feature is the patented shuttle clips that allow for attaching the bag to a stroller. When attached to a stroller, the shoulder strap can also be detached to achieve a much cleaner look.

The number of pockets is more than sufficient for essentials such as diapers, wet wipes, powder, and sanitary bags. As for the design, it is definitely gender neutral so both mum and dad can use it.

French Vanilla Faux Lizard Carry All changing bags (by Oi Oi)

For a more feminine look, this faux lizard carry all bag provides an understated design that still covers all the essential features, including (but not limited to) the following:

*2 Main compartments with elasticized zip pockets for easy storage
*Detachable stroller straps- convenient for attaching on the back of strollers
*Comes with large microfiber padded changing mat for mess and hassle free diaper changes
*Insulated feeding bottle holder that keeps the milk warm up to 2 hours
*Metal feet at the bottom for protection
*Separate PVC case for wet wipes

This bag also comes in other colors such as Pink Lemonade and Blue Indigo

Lily Tote Bag by Baby Mel (comes in Coral, Peach, and others)

Simple should never have to mean boring. The Lily Tote is one of the cheap changing bags you can find that is not only simple but also surprisingly functional. The five different compartments of this bag makes it easier to remember where everything is without having to rummage while on the go.

This bag is made of durable and stain repelling fabric so it is easier to clean and can be expected to last years. The magnetic front pocket proves to be most useful for keeping supplies that are needed constantly such as moist towelettes.

The understated design is completed with an insulated drawstring bottle holder, huge internal zip pocket, silver hardware, and simple logo plate.

What to Look for When Shopping for Changing Bags


Much like luggage, changing bags do take a lot of beating since they carry a lot of essentials for infants. It is important to pick something that can withstand normal wear and tear, and preferably require very little to almost no maintenance. Water and stain resistant materials are best as spillage is quite common occurrence when dealing with baby implements.

Overall Value for Money

Online stores do carry a number of stylish bags so it all boils down to making cost effective choices. Getting something that looks good and can last a long time, for as little money as possible would be the best choice.